This is really shameful. A set of Nigerian guys (Narry Young A. K. A XNarry) are practicing cultism in Europe.

Fear village people.
Village people are wicked,
To think these boys saved hard, forfeited every thing in Nigeria,
Took night bus from Aduwawa to Sokoto
Were packed up like sardines in a van from Niamey to Duruku.

Suffered in vain at Agahdez
Survived death in Tripoli
Took the risk of crossing Libya to Italy via the Mediterranean sea in nothing but a dinghy.
All of these just to practice cultism in Europe!!!

Their mates are hustling in Mozambique, sending down money and building mansions in Nigeria while these fools are just concerned with wearing berets and flying colours from Naples down to Turin.
They should deport all of them.

Source: Europe Reporters