Ogbon Record, the premier African music company, is proud to announce two new signings B.L.G and 2pure, and introduce them into the market.
After proving themselves as confirmed leaders in the music space, with a track record of success, Ogbon Record announces the latest additions to their rosters. B.L.G and 2pure, are the latest talents to be unveiled.
Ogbon record Ceo, Baba Ogbon said: “We are thrilled to welcome B.L.G and 2pure to the ogbon family. They have all it takes to develop and become superstars in the African music scene, and will be game-changers in dominating and bringing African music to the world. We are extremely excited to have them as a part of the team and are eager for the journey ahead.” Quotes From the Signed Artistes>>>> He sees music as a tool and agent of change, both physically and mentally. I want to use my music to speak for the dumb, my lifestyle to influence the deaf and my sound to open the inner eyes (minds) of the blind,” he says >>>BLG “In few years, I want to inspire a young boy somewhere in Africa or anywhere around the world watching me on TV to say ‘I want to be just like 2pure’,” he says. >>>2pure BLG & 2pure Was Signed To Ogbon Record March 2020 Connect With Ogbon Record Via Instagram @Babaogbon_official
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