Surname: Amechi
First Name: Fredrick
Last Name: Udoka
Nick Name: Prince Fredoo Perry
Sex: Male
State of Origin: Delta
Town: Agbor
Current City: Lagos

Occupation: Networker, Blogger, Advertiser, Videographer, Promoter, Entrepreneur, Chief Executive officer Waplodge Media And Wapcare Services Ltd.

Marital Status: Single
Hobbies : Surfing the net, Music, Travelling and Making Friend
Personal Quote: One with God is Majority
Motto : In God We Trust

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I need a romantic loving and caring lady who has a motherly character, comprehensive mind, great cooking ability, courageous attitude and industrious in thinking…


👉 She must not be moved by wealth and material things.

👉 She will like to build with me, fight with me and call a soldier ☺

👉 She Will always derived her joy by making and seeing me happy.

👉 Only 2 things will move her to love me

👉 My Love and
👌🏻 Honesty
👉 My Care

Before December this year, I will be Unveiling one 👉 but for now I need to focus and get enough Raba that i will use to take care of her and my future kids. So help me God! Amen.

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