Waplodge Exclusive Interview With Academic Beauty Queen Nigeria Search Winner 2017/18
1.Welcome to Waplodge TV Blog ?

> Thank you for having me here today.
2.For a start, what do you want The Waplodge  readers to know about you?

> I’ll start by introducing myself. I’m Queen Edidiong Umoh. A two time pageant winner (back to back). Well, I am the fourth child out of five (and the last girl), a graduate of Pure Chemistry from the University of Calabar. I’ve gone for service and back.

3.Most ladies can’t disclose their age, especially to Journalists. But are you gonna be different from such ladies by disclosing how old you are ?

> <smiling> well, I’m in my mid twenties and would be adding one on the 6th of March. 

4.Apart from what you’ve just said about yourself, what’re some of your inner virtues?

> I am industrious and have a heart for people. I have values for high moral standards, good governance and productive relationships. 
5. (A) You are Academic Beauty Queen Nigeria Search Winner 2017/18, can you tell us the secret that gave you an upper hand over the other contestants?

> Ok. It’s actually 2017/19. God is at the center of my success in winning the Crown. My strong points were Three things : preparedness, confidence and the consciousness of being the best in every respect. There were other girls who were prettier and taller. So, I did my best to ensure that if I didn’t win, it wouldn’t be my fault.


> Just as the name is ; it is a PROJECT Contest, it is the search for a lady with BEAUTY AND BRAIN, one who would emerge as a Queen with the core objective of promoting the value of Education in the country via any means possible.
6.what do you wanna become in life?

> Interestingly , I’ll like to be in the Academics; I see myself Lecturing in higher institutes of learning.
7. Academic Beauty Queen Nigeria, what’re your roles in the society?

> Basically to promote the value of education among young people in the communities and the country at large and reducing illiteracy to the barest minimum.

8.Are you in a relationship?

> Thank you. I’ll like to keep that personal. But I’m single at the moment.
9.Where do you think the relationship is gonna end?

I look forward to getting married someday. 
10.What message do you have for young women like you who wanna make it in the Entertainment Industry?

> To young ladies out there, you’ve got to be determined, go for the gold and be patient with yourself and the process of success. There is only one you! 
11.Who’s your role model?

> I look up to God; who is the author and finisher of my faith.

12. Tell us about 5-4 Empire_Creamy Kiddies Nigeria Entertainment Ltd.

>Mr. Louis Edet, CEO, 5-4 Empire & Creamy kiddies Nigeria _ Specializes on Entertainment, General kiddies management, Event planning, Fashion, Media, Branding, Magazine, Education and Vocational training etc.
13. Apart From Being a model, what do you do as a lady?

> I’m a Project Developer and a Safety professional. 

Thanks for your time with WapLodge hope to see you soon on our live TV program. 

>> Thank you for having me here. I look forward to your invite for a live broadcast.