Fredoo Perry: So tell me who is your role model in the music industry? 

Helen Meju: Like Onyeka Onwenu from childhood.

Fredoo Perry: Was singing really ur talent? 

Helen Meju: I started singing and dancing as a child. My friends call me okoso, And I still dance very well. Love music. 

Fredoo Perry: Who would you love to Feature in the music industry? 

Helen Meju: I love Phyno and Flavor

Fredoo Perry: OK.. What other things do you do apart from being a lady?

Helen Meju: I’m a wife, a mother of two beautiful kids a boy and a girl. A Registered nurse by profession. 

Fredoo Perry: Was Ekele Your first hit single?

Helen Meju: Yes.
Fredoo Perry: What inspired you to sing that song? 

Helen Meju: Ekele was a song of Thanksgiving to God Almighty for blessing me with two wonderful children after being told by many Specialists, Doctors that I will not be able to have any children. 

Fredoo Perry: Who was the producer? 

Helen Meju: BO Boy

Fredoo Perry: In one word explain Ekele..? 

Helen Meju: Like the song says..”As he do am for me he go do am for you” Is to inspire those believing God for one thing or the other. He makes impossibilities possible. 

Fredoo Perry: Which year was the song released?

Helen Meju: 2017

Fredoo Perry: Was music really ur talent?

Helen Meju: I love music so much. I get inspiration from God and things around me. Sometimes I wake up from sleep singing songs that I received in my dream

Fredoo Perry: Do you sing with passion? 

Helen Meju: Yes I do sing with Passion. 

Fredoo Perry: Discribe Helen Meju

Helen Meju: Helen Meju is this woman set apart by God from childhood for a purpose.  Went through a rough time growing up. Didn’t give up. Gave my life to Christ. Continued believing in God till He intervened. Very honest and straightforward. Don’t beat around the bush. 

Fredoo Perry: What are you telling ur fans out there? 

Helen Meju: Believe in yourself and trust God.  Do not give up. He will make a way where there is no way. 

Fredoo Perry: When are you dropping new hit for ur fans? 

Helen Meju: Working on a new song and will be releasing soon.. 

Fredoo Perry: Which State are you from? 

Helen Meju: Ogwashi Ukwu Delta State. 

Fredoo Perry: What are your strengths As Gospel Singer?

Helen Meju: My God whom is forever faithful. Giving me inspirations, My husband and kids who are ever supportive of me and my beautiful friends and fans. 

Fredoo Perry: Tell me a difficult situation you have overcome in the workplace?

Helen Meju: Working in an environment with people who do not see life as you see it. Most times I try to hide my identity as a singer at my workplace because they get mad when they find out who you are and what you do.

Fredoo Perry: What can you offer to the World that another person can’t?

 Helen Meju: I would not say another person can’t offer what I can offer. I would say that I’m a unique person that is happy and love me. I would encourage everyone to love and appreciate who they are, appreciate God. Trust in God that if God can do it for me He can also do it for them.

Fredoo Perry: Where do you see your career in five years As Gospel Singer?

Helen Meju: I see me succeeding tremendously in my musical career in the next 5 years. This up coming gospel artist you see today will be lifted so high by our Lord Jesus whom had called me to praise Him.

Fredoo Perry: What motivates you?

Helen Meju: God’s faithfulness.  I get charged in the spirit anytime God proves the enemy wrong in my life.

I didnt just wake up one day and decided to sing gospel even though ive been getting inspirations. I’ve been told by many Men of God I come in contact with that I’m not doing what God want me to do. They had told me that God want me to sing for Him that once I start obeying my life will turn around. I started this by joining the choir.

Fredoo Perry: What experience do you have As Gospel Singer?

Helen Meju: As a gospel singer I have noticed that anytime I get inspirations from God and actually obey and praise him, I  start getting blessings from all corner, people are also encouraged. I sing and encourage people to praise God even when they feel things are not going the way they want it.

Fredoo Perry: What did you like least about your job As Gospel Singer?

Helen Meju: People forget you are just a human being like them and can make mistakes sometimes There certain things you want to do but wouldn’t because they will say hey she sings gospel. 

Fredoo Perry: Have you worked with any team before?

Helen Meju: Yes but not in the music industry.

Fredoo Perry: How have you made an impact on your team in the past?

Helen Meju: I contributed and made sure we achieved our goals. Always a team player. 

Fredoo Perry: What do you think about Teamwork? 

Helen Meju: Teamwork is the best. You cannot achieve your goals without being a team player.

Fredoo Perry: Do you have a team in the music industry?

Helen Meju: Not at the moment. As an up coming artist everyone wants to know your capability first before working with you.

Fredoo Perry: Which Type Of Gospel Song Do you sing?

Helen Meju: I sing Afro/hip hop gospel.

Fredoo Perry: What makes a product successful?

Helen Meju: Good product and good promotion..laughs…That’s why you are involved.

Fredoo Perry: What are your salary requirements As Gospel Singer?

Helen Meju: Not expensive at the moment.  I want all my fans to be able to afford what I can offer.

Fredoo Perry: OK.. Thank you,

Helen Meju: You are welcome.

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