Rapper J-Fash react to Reminisce new single titled “Problem”.

J-Fash wrote that although he is a big fan of Reminisce from day one and always he will be.

In a short interview with him, he talk about the title Reminisce gave his new song which is not proper.

What He Talks About;

Well i don’t have much to talk about but i just want to share what i felt about Reminisce new single titled “Problem”, though the song is cool for the street but i only have a problem with the chorus saying “Ama Ni Problem”.

In year 2009 when P Square released one of their single titled “Danger”, the song may have meaning to them but to their fans they won’t think that way because then everyone was saying back to sender to them that no one will see danger.

For example, this evening while i was at home with my little kid’s, i was listen to songs on my phone so i played Reminisce song “Problem” instantly my little kid’s reacted to the song and said “Awa o nini problem o, Is you that will see problem”, I was like hmmm I sense that some people don’t know what the song is all about but the starting of the song makes others to next it.