Delta State Celebrates “The Power of Oneness”

On the 2nd of October, 2017, Asaba, the capital of Delta state played host to top-notch artistes, comedians, from the 25 local governments of the state and many visitors of the Delta unity concert. The Delta unity concert tagged ‘THE POWER OF ONENESS’ is the result of a collaborative effort of the body of Delta Entertainers and will be held at the prestigious Dome Event Center, Asaba, Delta State on 27th of October, 2017, Venue is the Dome, Event Center, Asaba.
This concert seeks to bridge the gaps in Delta state, multi-tribal state, while emphasizing the spirit of unity amongst all. The leadership of the Delta Entertainers recognises the power of music, culture and entertainment generally, to foster greater lives, harmony and cooperation amongst its people for the purpose of making Delta state a peaceful and economically viable state.
Delta state is once again leading the way as it has always done, in creating a counter narrative to the various divisive voices seeking to create disunity and disaffection in various parts of the country by highlighting our oneness as a people. To this extent, “The Power of Oneness” concert is a timely intervention capable of snowballing into a call to Nigerians as whole, to embrace our uniqueness, similarities and shared history and aspirations.
As part of the former Bendel state, fondly referred to as mini-Nigeria, Delta state still retains its original character of having various tribes that have co-existed, inter-marry and collaborate in so many spheres of life. This underscores the need to showcase this oneness through music and comedy.
In addition, the concert has as part of its objectives the following:
To reach out a hand of unity and fellowship to all Deltans irrespective of their tribes, culture and political leanings
To promote unity and harmony amongst ALL indigenes of Delta State
To create an restore hope in our people and put smiles on their faces in spite of the current prevailing circumstances
To bridge the gap between the different strata of the society thereby and engendering greater cooperation and collaboration even amongst members of the Delta Entertainers Council
To explore and exploit entertainment as a platform for communicating the message of Unity, Peace, harmony and hope to all Deltans
To create an avenue for local talents to perform alongside A-list acts in order to give them the desired exposure and recognition
To create and enabling environment for improved economic activities and patronage especially from neighbouring areas like Onitsha, Nnewi etc

‘A’ list Artistes and comedians from Delta State Origin, DJs, Actors and other ‘A’ list Entertainers will be performing at the concert.
The Power of Oneness of Concert is an indication of the commitment of the Delta Entertainers to promote greater love and understanding through music in addition to propagating the message of hope amongst entertainers and indigenes of the state as a whole. This clarion call serves as a reminder to every indigene of Delta State of the importance and need for unity even in our unique diversity in order to further uplift our dear Delta State to greater heights.
This premier edition is expected to be the first in the series of similar concerts to be staged periodically at various locations across the State so as to allow for inclusion in order for every indigene of the State to have a sense of true participation and belonging.

About the logo

The traditional beads circling it the logo is unique, Beads are synonymous to ALL tribes in Nigeria and even our own dear state. We have used this continous unbroken circle of beads to symbolise our “oneness”. The unity that binds us all together.


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Sebastian Ikpoza

(General Secretary)

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