Today Being the 20th of December, 2016 at 1230hrs one UGBEJIE CHUKWUEKWU NDUKA. ”M ”  Christian Nigeria 🇳🇬 Citizen, a contractor, a native of Ekuku Agbor in ika South local Government Delta State, now residing at no 1 UGBEJIE close, Boji Boji Owa, Delta State Of Nigeria 🇳🇬, came to the station with sworn affidavit No. DT00591547 dated 20/12/2016 from the high Court of Justice ⚖ Owa Oyibu, and reported that Aghaulor Ekene is his cousin, that the said Aghaulor Ekene had a very serious problem with his uncles concerning the Sharing of the family 👪 plot of land, That before Ekene left Nigeria 🇳🇬 he informed him and he knows all that transpired between his late father and his uncle, That according to what he witnessed and what he told him (Aghaulor Ekene), His uncle were not happy the way the family land was shared and they told Aghaulor Ekene’s Father that they are in support that the land be re-shared but Ekene’s Father refused because this land has been shared for them by their Father’s Brother who were still alive ( Aghaulor Ekene’s Grandfather’s Brother), That sometimes in the year 2015.

Aghaulor Ekene’s Uncle came at night,  as soon as Ekene heard their voice, He actually sensed danger and hid himself under the bed where he was his uncles Strangled his father to death that night, the following morning he (Ekene) Reported the case on how is his uncle Strangled his father…. More Details on The Documented File Below….

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